Every day when I wake up this is what I see written on my workout calendar. So rain or shine; I get them workouts in regardless. Ofcourse I know it is easier said than done to excell in every workout but with these 4 tips for working out like a #BOSS you’ll get there in no time!

Beginnings are everything and everyone has to start somewhere. Working out however doesn’t start in the gym. It starts at home or at any other place where you prepare for your trip there. Pack your bag the night before so you are ready to go, and take it with you to work, as this will safe you loads of time when you plan on working out right after. And when you pack ALWAYS pack an outfit or accessory that will make you FEEL like a #BOSS the moment you put it on!


Outdo yourself. I’m  going to be absolutely, brutally honest with you: working out is not supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be fun, energizing, at times exhausting, giving you life and driving you nuts. You are allowed to say you hate kettlebells, heavyweights or burpees when you do but at the end easy simply doesn’t fit the bill. To make sure you outdo yourself and get everything out of your workout, you plan ahead. Pick and choose your exercises in advance, come prepared and get to work. Incorporate light weighted exercises, core stability and cardio for STAMINA and combine them with the occasional deadlift, legpress, squat, pull-up or benchpress. When you aim to outdo yourself every workout the variety is  endless.


Sharing is caring and this also applies on going to the gym. Some of us like to work out by ourselves as it allows us to focus and have ‘me-time’ all while sweating our pretty behinds off. But if you are the ‘sweat-together type’ don’t hesitate to ask your best friend, sister, mother or even your boyfriend to JOIN in on your therapy session aka the gym. Working out together or in a small group will also stimulate you to make a bigger EFFORT, to hang in just a little longer and to put in those few extra reps . And after the workout and your well-deserved shower you can share your ACCOMPLISHMENTS with someone else while sipping on some tea.

Success is guaranteed for everyone who keeps their eyes on the prize. While working out you can easily become frustrated. When you do just bare in mind what your long term GOAL is. When you do not manage to lift a certain weight the first time you pick it up, execute a certain exercise, maintain form or perform the scheduled amount of reps; try again the next time.Only PRACTICE makes perfect and every professional was an amateur at some point. And while trying your best to become the posterchild of Alicia Keys’ ‘Superwoman’ and baring a S on your chest as you crusade trough the gym, make sure you find the time to also have FUN and LAUGH!




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