5 #BEASTMODE chicks who get it done

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Just like a lot of people, I use my instagram for fitspiration purposes. With my posts I hope to inspire others and I find myself getting inspired daily by a lot of  fierce ladies too. Most of them really know how to get to #WORK when it comes to going ALL OUT in the gym. Because I like to share, you know I'm that kind of person,  I decided to introduce some of them to you. So get ready and feast your eyes on  5 #BEASTMODE chicks who get it done.

1. @justrobbin

This lady is something else.  It seems like Robbin doesn't skip a day of working out. I love her drive, her  take on high intensity exercises and because of her detailed videos,  I also learn more about form and circuit training from her. In a fully equipped home gym, she seems to challenge herself all the time. When I'm out of inspiration, I just #FFWD to her account and #GETITDONE. My visits to Robbin's insta also play a big part in regard to my serious sports gear shopping addiction,  which maybe I need treatment for. But hey, it's cheaper than a psychiatrist right? :-)

2. @getfitwithnic_

NO GYM? NO PROBLEM! Nic B. is NEVER playing, because making excuses to not work out is just some plain old blablabla in her book. Resistance bands, stairs and walls aren't safe when she is around, and keeping you on point in the water department is something she just chucks in as an extra on almost every post on her account. I love all of this. She manages to inspire me to think outside the box when it comes to working out outside, all whilst keeping me on track with my own I-need-to-drink-more-water journey. Nic is a perfect chick to follow if you aren't about that #GYMLIFE. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

3. @eakinwale 

Eakinwhat? Yeah... Elisabeth Akinwale.... If you are into Crossfit and don't know anything about this strong, athletic, disciplined and fierce woman right here, you haven't seen anything yet. This lady amazes me everytime I scroll down her account. Elisabeth is all about goals, goals, goals (which she smashes oh so beautifully) alongside giving crossfit workshops and weightlifting seminars. Her videos make lifting seem easy, when known it's certainly not, but that is just because she is so ridiculously #STRONG. I find it rather inspiring to see, watch and learn from someone who eats, breathes and lives athletics like Elisabeth does. Especially at times where I'm losing focus, her account is my number one spot to regain it and to see what the human body is actually capable of when you are willing to put in the work and some #BADASSNESS.


The name of her account says it all, Training 4 my life. After losing a lot of weight this #GIRLBOSS right here made it her bussiness to train for her life and become the best and most healthy version of herself.
On her account she shares her whole journey, a journey I find to be very inspiring. Rest days?? I don't think those are in her dictionary  as they may perhaps have gotten lost in the gallon of water she carries with her EVERYWHERE she goes. Lifting weights, training with a personal trainer and training others. You name it, SHE DOES IT.  In my opinion, this is definitely a lady in the streets and a #BEAST in the gym. Mucho respect goes her way, follow, follow, follow!


Keaira is known for her dancing skills. And I have to say, this girl sure knows how to bust a move. But that is not the only thing she is good at. Incorporating dance into strength and cardio workouts, Keaira caught my attention making working out FUN. With nice music,  cute workout clothes and an enthusiastic crew in all of her video's, she manages to make me sweat, laugh and work my ass off! Keaira recently took her followers on a journey where she showed how she got her body back after having a baby, a journey that took guts and lands her a more than deserved spot amongst these other #BEASTMODE chicks who get it done.

I hope this article inspired you to go and check out some of these awesome, beautiful and not-to-mess-with ladies or find yourself some new inspiration while scrolling through your instagramfeed. In my opinion it is women like these, who represent that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind and body to and that being STRONG is something one should celebrate and appreciate.

Big Hug,