I’m sure that us Fit Girls know the basic tips and tricks when it comes to the gym and how to exercise, however, there are still common fitness mistakes that many of us tend to make. Did you know about any of these mistakes or have you made them yourself? It’s time to finally avoid them and get the maximum out of our workouts.

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1. By doing abdominal exercises you get abs

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that. Through abdominal exercises you strengthen your core, but, you do not all of a sudden get the abs that you hoped for. Doing abdominal exercises is still very important, however, in order to create those washboard abs you’re dreaming off it is necessary to reduce the fat on your belly. If you’d like a six pack, you would need shed this body fat. The best way to do this is by eating less than the amount you burn during exercise.

2. You should go running to get a toned body

I wish it was this easy. If you want to get stronger muscles and a more toned body, you would need to do strength-building exercises. Strength training is very important when you are running because it strengthens your muscles and prevents injuries from happening. Cardio exercises such as running unfortunately have two sides to them. If you only do cardio exercises, you burn fat, however, you also tend to lose muscles and strengths, which is probably something you do not want.

3. Following the same training schedule for weeks

Your body will know when you are repeating exercises constantly and will simply get used to it. This may sound good, but it isn’t. If you are used to something, you tend to put less effort in it, and this is the same for your body. Once you follow the same training schedule for a couple of weeks, less progress will be made in terms of weight loss and strengthening your muscles. Your body knows exactly what to expect and does not stimulate or motivate you enough. Varying the ratio of sets or the exercises you are performing, your body will constantly be re-stimulated and provide you with better result.

4. Doing too many things too quickly

You set yourself a goal and you want to reach it as soon as you can. This is a common thought for many of us, but you have to be careful! Doing too many exercises too quickly increases the chances of injuries and this is probably the last thing you want to happen. Don’t do more than you can handle. Listen to your body and don’t overwork yourself. When it all gets a little too much, take a step back and slow it down a bit.

5. Not training hard enough

Yes, I know what I just said. I told you not to overwork yourself, and I still stand by this claim. However, sometimes the body can also handle much more than some people may think. Some individuals limit themselves due to being afraid of injuries and don’t challenge their body in any way. Through this mindset you will not develop any muscle strength and no progress will be seen. Are you unsure about what weights you should be working with? Take a look at this article.

So, how have you been doing so far? Have you made any of these fitness mistakes? Luckily, you won’t make these mistakes again now that you know them and you can confidently get back to the gym! 

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