5 Signs of a good workout

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When you've only just started working out, I'm sure that your muscles will feel really sore the day after (and maybe even the day after that). But if you aren't feeling the soreness, don't worry about it! A lack of sore muscles doesn't mean that your workout was a huge fail. There are a lot of other signs of a good workout like these 5 below!

1. You had a hard time during the last reps

Were you nearly crying during the last couple of squats? Well, that's the sign of extremely tired muscles. When you have a really hard time completing the last 2 reps, you know you're really pushing yourself. Don't choose to give up, you can do it!


2. Your body feels like pudding

Do you know that feeling you get after a workout, when it is even hard for you to pick up your cup of coffee? This shows that you have really outdone yourself this time. When you are experiencing that 'jelly' feeling after a workout, make sure you drink enough water and give your muscles some rest.


3. Your stomach has changed into a black hole

After my usual workouts, I get extremely hungry. Sometimes I really have to fight the feeling, because I know that eating 10 grilled cheese sandwiches would do me more harm than good. The feeling that you want to eat your complete pantry is a good sign of a successful workout. Your body is asking for yummy food so it has some energy available to rebuild your muscles, so it's time to cook something awesome!

4. You become a sleeping beauty

The night after a workout, I get extremely tired. It's just so much effort to keep my eyes open after 9 pm. When I have another workout planned the day after, I usually go to bed really early. So when you become the perfect Sleeping Beauty, which means you don't have to wake up every hour, this is a sign of a success workout! Zzzz..


5. You become extremely focused

This might sound a bit crazy, but we usually get very productive after a good workout. The fact that you're physically drained doesn't mean that you can't use your brains. So next to the endorphin boost, you also get a very high productivity rate after you've been to the gym. It might take a while before you notice your pounds dropping on the scale, but the positive mental effects of workouts are definitely showing a lot sooner! This means that it will be a piece of cake to continue working your ass off.

What are your signs of a good workout? Please feel free to share them in the comments!