5 workout habits to avoid to optimize your training

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If you're up to eating healthy and working out, this article is a must-read for you! In this blog post I'm talking about 5 common workout habits you should avoid in order to maximize the effect of your workout routine. In fact, you might not even be aware of these "workout mistakes" that can lessen the impact of your healthy choices on your performance. Such a waste, so let me help you to get better results!

Isn't it weird when you're eating healthy, go to the gym, lift weights, run like a rockstar, that each time you climb on that scale, there's no change?! Or you step in front of the mirror and the results... are the same! I feel your pain girls because I've made many mistakes myself. That's OK, as mistakes are the stepping stones to learning. But we can also learn from each other so today I want to share my 5 workout habits to avoid to optimize your training and help you girls learn from them and put it to good use.

5 common workout habits to avoid

1. Eating heavy meals before your workout
You need gas in the tank, but pick your fuel properly! Click here to read what the perfect pre-workout meal should be like and try to eat it 45-60 min before your workout.
2. Doing the same workout routine
Repeating the same workout routines becomes less effective over time; vary your reps, weight, different cardio, etc. Switch up your workout to keep your body in shock and guessing.
3. Over-exercising
It's not better to push yourself too hard too often. Rest days are important and a break for your body contributes to a fit shape! Sounds crazy I know, but it's true;-)
4. Over-cardio
Cardio is important next to your weight-training, yes - absolutely! But don't over-do it and run too long. You'll probably think you'll lose more weight or faster when you run longer; but in fact you'll break down muscle tissue for energy instead of burning fat.
5. Weak reps & long rests between sets
Long rests between sets will cool down the muscles and make it harder for you to execute the next set. So only use your phone for music, no texting! Execute your reps in a full range of motion, don't half-ass it. Squat deep! Lunge deep! Why? You'll burn more calories and build more muscles.

I hope that these 5 tips will help you to focus better on your fitness! Good luck girlssss. Live happily ever active.
Foodie-ness, Carolina.