7 Model Workout tips for better posture

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Chin up, belly in, chest up, lean on your heels…These are just a few examples of the posture advices we give during Model Workout training. With these trainings we want to make you more aware about your own body. What is the best posture for maximum results? And not just when working out, also in your daily life.

A lot of us “suffer” from slouching shoulders. This may cause shortened muscles in the chest and shoulders, and longer back muscles. If you look at the positions we are mostly in, our shoulders are always leaning forward: driving a car, working behind a desk, watching television and even during dinner, a lot of people are slouching. We spend a lot of time sitting down, which causes the back to not be in the correct position. Your hip flexors shorten en the blood circulation isn’t the way it used to be.
So how can you make sure you have the right posture?



7 Model Workout tips for better posture

  1. When doing an exercise, make sure you sink your knees a bit lower.
  2. Try pushing your tailbone towards your pubic bone. This causes a light tension on you underback and underbelly and makes sure you stand up straight.
  3. Pull in your belly button to create tension on your core.
  4. Shoulders back and chest up!
  5. Make sure your chin is always pointing forward, not down.
  6. Pull up on a imaginary string that is attached to the top of your head to have a beautiful straight posture.
  7. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, try sitting a couple of those hours on a skippy ball. Challenge your core & balance


For more tips & tricks or an analysis on your posture, contact us on our training platform. Let's join forces for maximum results!