A full body home workout

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I’m sure you have experienced the following situation at some point in your life – you are really motivated to workout and to go to the gym, but your job or your studies are as time consuming as never before. Or maybe you are stuck at home and can’t make it to the gym. So what do you do? Do you skip your workout? No! Even if a gym with all its equipment comes pretty handy, you can work your whole body easily without any equipment at all! All you need is a mat and some dedication and motivation and voila! you have a full body home workout. Are you ready to do this?

My full body home workout will only take 30 minutes, but it engages your whole body – your legs, butt, core, arms and upper body. Furthermore, it improves your stability and you will feel great afterwards – pinky promise! Our goal is to complete 4 rounds of each circuit, following an A-B-A-B principle. First, you do circuit A, then B, then A and B again, etc. Try not to rest while doing the circuit, only in between circuits. That’s all!

Before we start, we are going to do a 3 minute warm-up to prevent soreness and injury and to get our heart rate up. After finishing our workout, we are going to do a cool down and a stretch. It might seem appealing to skip your warm up and cool down since it saves time, but you should never underestimate it. Your warm up prepares your body for the upcoming activity and a cool down is not only relaxing, but also improves your flexibility, prevents injury and keeps your blood flowing.

Are you ready for your full body home workout? Let’s get started!

Warm up:

1 minute jog in place

30 seconds kick backs

30 seconds High knee march

30 seconds Walk down planks

30 seconds elbow-to-knee-crossover


Circuit A:

20 Squat Jumps

20 Commandos

15 Burpees with push-ups

20 Power Sit-ups*


Circuit B:

24 Forward Lunges (12 per leg)

50 Mountain Climbers

30 Skaters

30 Plank Jacks


Cool Down

March in place for a few minutes

30 seconds butterfly

30 seconds hurdler stretch (each leg)

30 seconds quad stretches (each leg)

30 seconds wall calf stretches (each leg)

30 seconds wall chest stretch (each arm)

I hope you enjoy your full body home workout! If you are interested in more (home) workouts, fitness tips and recipe ideas, check out my blog or follow me on Instagram : @julesvogel.