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Do you know about GoPro? I always thought it was for heroes just because all of the GoPro videos I watched were pretty awesome! This Christmas, Santa gave me a GoPro and my first reaction was; how am I going to use this camera. I’m such a nerd and not at all creative with a camera and video. Help! Is it possible for me to be a hero too? Who wouldn’t want to capture that kick-ass move (or workout) to show off to your fit friends? If you’re - just like me - and can’t pull off 360’s and flips on your snowboard or mountain bike, you can still create an epic video.

GoPro what?
GoPro is an ‘action’ camera and a very very popular wannahave. This ultimate handy camera is perfect for active people who want to record their stunts, actions or moves. Most videos are from the extreme sports world but the GoPro world is changing ;-). With all the different kinds of accessories you attach the camera anywhere you like. On your head, helmet, snowboard, SUP, dog or wherever you would want to put it. Pretty cool, right?



The beginning

Thank God there’s is enough inspiration on the internet, but were do I start?

  1. I started by watching some interesting tutorials from the GoPro channel on Youtube. How does it work, what are it’s endless possibilities and what is going to be my first movie? I really wanted to make a mini movie of my own Bootcamp training. So that’s where I started.
  2. Next I downloaded the special GoPro studio app onto my computer, made some movies and pictures of my house and the editing could begin.
  3. It took me a couple of hours to get it all, but then I found out some movie templates to which you can easily add your own video material.
  4. I’m kind of visually oriented so I had some shots in mind before I start filming. I didn’t have a big plan, script or anything else and it was a small experiment for me but it worked out really well for me this time ;-) (I think).

Checkout the result of my first mini action movie of my Bootcamp training. (and let me know what you think!)

What’s up with this?

  • It looks like there are more guys using the GoPro then women. So Fit girls, what are you waiting for?
  • Youtube is definitely missing some awesome GoPro videos of fitness, running, CrossFit or the other awesome things we Fit girls do! So there’s a whole market ready for you and me. So that’s another invite to get active with your new GoPro.
  • And don’t forget that other great gadget, the selfiestick. Put the GoPro on your selfiestick and make cool videos or photos of your excersises, workout or fit friends! Have fun with it!



I hope you all got excited and are ready to go and get your own GoPro. Let’s take our workouts to the next level, try to film more and make it epic!

High five!


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