Be yourself, but be your BEST self

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The other day I found myself wandering around on Instagram (once again), when I bumped into this one quote saying ‘Be yourself, but be your best self ’. This quote left me thinking, especially because nowadays the majority is always trying to work towards a specific body or goal, trying or hoping to become someone else. But, to what extent is this behaviour ‘healthy’? Research has shown that comparing yourself to others makes you generally unhappy. Yet, this is something most of us do every day. Such a shame! Therefore, with the above mentioned quote ‘Be yourself, but be your BEST self’ in mind, I'll give you some tips & tricks to stop comparing and start loving yourself. Ready for a positive mindset? Yes? Let’s go!

Appreciate what you already have

It’s easy to start complaining or feeling sorry for yourself. At such moments it’s important to put the situation into perspective. Let’s be honest, you can be pretty thankful for what you’ve got: you have a (most likely healthy) body, you’re able to make your own decisions and you have the ability to take care of yourself. There are people around you that are worse off, people that are not blessed with mental or physical health. Be thankful for what you have rather than focussing on what you don’t have!

Keep it realistic

Of course, we all would like to have Beyonce’s butt or the abs of Jillian Michaels. Still, we have to face the reality: you simply aren't Beyonce or Jillian Michaels. Everybody is different, and even though you might succeed in creating or building something comparable, the question is; do you really want to? Why not work on your own best shape instead? In the end, everyone is built differently, so there’s no way you will get the exact same shape as your so called #fitspiration. Make your own body, your dream body. Your body is capable of some impressive things. Admire it, challenge it!

Embrace your own beauty 

After reading this article, I want you to think of 3 things you like about yourself. No negative thoughts allowed! Instead of focussing on what we don’t like, the trick is to focus on what we do like. This can be anything: from your freckles to your fingers, from your hair to your personality. Feeling negative about yourself will bring you nowhere, whereas the opposite will! See the connection? Starting your day with some positive thoughts will result in happy, positive thoughts throughout the day. That's exactly what we want!


Now this might seem silly, but in most cases when I feel sad I just force myself to smile. Tricking your own brain, is what I call it. Your brain links a smile to happiness, sending that sparkle of brightness through your body. By the time your brain realizes you are messing around, there’s a big chance your fake smile will make you laugh for real. Try it, it’s worth it!

Surround yourself with love

Get rid of the people that you always try to please, but never give you anything for it in return. Surrounding yourself with people that love you and support you for who you are will make you a happier person in general. No one around? Cats and dogs can spread more love than humans ever did. Just saying.

Set goals

Structure will keep you going. Write down your short term and long term goals in a sweet notebook. You could even customize your own inspirational notebook, full of positive quotes, inspiring images and sweet pictures to keep the motivation high. Here's the best list to get inspired and get to know yourself and others. When you’re having a rough time, just grab your personalized notebook and remind yourself why and for whom you’re doing this: yourself.

Dream big. Smile often. Realize how fortunate you are.

Don’t be negative when you have so much to be thankful and positive about!

What is your best tip on staying positive? Share the positivity with me in the comments!