December is all about celebrating life

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At the #FITGIRLCODE HQ, we write our articles related to a monthly theme like: back to business, recharging yourself or beauty inside out. From now on, we are going to share our monthly theme with you, so you know what awesome topics are coming up next.

The December month is all about Celebrating Life. The time to spend precious time with friends & family and enjoy sumptuous and festive dinners together, everyone gathers around the Christmas tree in glamorous party outfits and give each other gifts. And it gets colder...You preferably stay inside and snuggle under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and your fav tv-show. When you do go outside you have to dress like an eskimo to prevent your ass from freezing off. Not particularly a month in which you feel like working out or sticking to one cheat day a week.

Tips & tricks for a healthy holiday season
Luckily team #FITGIRLCODE has come to the rescue. We are going to share some tips & tricks on how to survive all the delicious (but not so healthy) food during the holidays. We’ll give you some tasty inspiration for a healthy Christmas menu and party snacks. Some of the Fit Girls will give you a peek into their daily workout routine and food habits. Especially for you they are going to log everything they eat during a whole week. Does the approaching end of the year make you nervously think about some good New Year’s resolutions? Then you should definitely read Fit Girl Stephanie’s 20 tips on how to rock 2015.

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Furthermore we’ll give you loads of inspiration for original Christmas gifts, the perfect party outfit, glamorous make up and the easiest way to curl you hair. We don’t want to spoil all the fun yet, so we’re gonna keep some great articles a secret. Go snuggle under your blanket and stay tuned for some awesome, remarkable, funny and delicious articles.

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