Review of The Rawlicious Food Co.’s Kale Chips

Just a little over a week ago, the answer to our prayers appeared*. Every Fit Girl’s dream of eating chips guilt-free came true when The Rawlicious Food Co. introduced their Kale Chips -that do not just taste like green leafs- to the Netherlands. Now Available at your nearest Albert Heijn store, these snacks are about to create some turmoil in healthy people’s worlds, and we’re all about to join the almighty kale craze.

*OK, I might’ve exaggerated that bit, but this Fit Girl is happy anytime she can find a replacement to her favorite junk snacks 😉

In order to remain tasty without losing all of its vital nutrients, these handmade crunchy snacks go through a dehydration process done at under 40ºC. This ensures the chips to remain a raw food and keeps their original nutritional values intact. The flavor range includes four naturally seasoned tastes: “Oh So Cheesy”, “Double Pepper Twist”, “Indian Spice Twist” and “Thai Chilli Twist”.


Despite having become such an in vegetable of the moment, we should not let our inner hipster turn us against its mainstream success. Personally, I never really got attached to the kale trend in green smoothies or salads, but I must admit that eating them in this new way brings a certain excitement to this vegetable in addition to being so beneficial to our health:

•Per calorie, kale contains: + iron than beef, + calcium than milk and + vitamin C than spinach

•It is low in calories, high in fiber, and has zero fats

•It contains lots of vitamins A, C & E, potassium, folic acid & antioxidants

•Good for: eyes, skin and bones

•Helps lower cholesterol

•Reduces the risk of heart disease and cancers

A few months ago, Fit Girl Bella posted her recipe to home-made kale chips. I think I would always recommend to go for the home recipes rather than ready-made products, but not all of us have the time to cook every single thing we put into our bodies! Luckily, the company supplying us with this alternative really has a strong focus on providing a very transparent and healthy raw food product line. And let’s face it, a pack of these will always beat our traditional fried potato chips. But during the whole time of me writing this, I’ve just had one thought running though my mind… Any Fit Girl out there with a good dip recipe that would go with these exotic flavors??

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