We all want to have defined abs, and a nice perky booty but we don’t always have time to focus on just one specific area when we work out. Little side note: we shouldn’t even do this because the more muscles we use at once, the more calories we’ll burn, getting the best results (but that’s a story for another article).

So if you want to hit your abs and your booty at the same time, we’ve got the perfect workout for you. With this simple 5 move circuit, you’ll get your heartbeat up, you’ll focus on your 2 biggest muscle groups: your legs and core, and you’ll engage many other muscles at once as well. The best part? You don’t need to go to the gym to be able to do them. The only thing you need is you and your body weight. So ready, get set and GO! ?

The moves:

1) Sliding Mountain Climbers

The movement of bringing your knees towards your chest will work your booty while you are already working on your core in a plank position.

2) Skip Lunges

You can see this move as a standing crunch where you keep your core tight. Do it and you’ll get a booty-ab combo that will make your muscles burn in the best way.

3) Reverse Lunge Kick

This is definitely a total workout body move because it requires total control and a good form. Also it targets our hip flexors and hamstrings, which help prevent injuries in our lower backs and help to our cores to be more stable.

4) Knees and Toes

We all know that lower abs are much harder to train than upper abs but with this move will make your lower abs burn! You will also get a good leg workout with this exercise.

5) Frogger

Keeping your core stable while planking is one thing (challenging in itself), but adding some glute-burning jumps, while planking is another thing. This move is a total killer workout exercise.

To complete the circuit, do 15 reps per exercise (this means 15 reps. per leg for some of the exercises) and repeat! Good luck Fit Girls!

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