Dreaming about my bucket list

door thijs

I had never really thought about a bucket list before reading the lists of Nathalie, Shelley and Anna. It got me dreaming about my bucket list and ended up with a list that made me dream and smile. I didn't have the intention of posting it when I wrote it, and I feel the list is quite personal. I decided to share it anyways because I shouldn't be ashamed of my dreams! I hope it leaves you daydreaming too!




- Spend winter in a sunny place

- Watch the sun rise and set on a beautiful beach

- Inspire a group of people

- Accept myself completely

- Own a garden full of flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits. With space for a table to enjoy amazing meals with friends and family.

- Sleep outside (again)

- Buy my parents a house in France

- Travel to Australia

- Go on holidays with my sister

- Learn to windsurf properly

- Bike to the top of a mountain faster than my dad (because I’m fit, not because he’s getting old)

- Cook beautiful meals for people in a little lunchroom or restaurant that I own

- Experience a spiritual revolution

- Learn to speak French or Italian fluently

- Run a marathon

- Live abroad


What are you dreaming about?