Easy morning workout for non-morning people

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Mornings are tough, I get it. There are people who are able to rise with the sun and a smile on their face, and then there’s the rest of us. While it may seem almost impossible to be functional in the mornings, there is actually a cure to your chronic non-morning person-ness. It's called a morning workout. 

How to be a Morning workout Person

You’re probably aware of all the reasons why you should do morning workouts, but all the reasons why you “can’t” probably took higher priority. You love sleep too much, you have no time in the mornings. Those two sounding familiar? Yeah, I recited them all the time. Waking up has always been a difficult process for me, and the thought of working out on top of that seemed like torture. But thankfully, I now know better. So let’s go ahead and shorten that state of dread and cut straight to feeling awesome.

1. Get Up and Work out!

Getting a good start to your day sets the tone for all the hours that come after it. If you stay stuck in the cycle of hating mornings, you’ll probably hate it for the rest of your life. And, come on, why have that when the alternative is walking on sunshine every day? The bottom line here is to work-out as soon as you get out of bed. Because of the endorphins that are released during exercise, a morning workout will make you happier and help you start your day off on the right foot. It will make you less stressed and inspire you to ‘stay on track’ for the rest of the day! I’m not asking you to launch into a full blown hour long session at the gym or to run around the neighbourhood. All you have to do is simply roll out of bed and be active for 15 minutes.

2. Embrace This Thing called 'Neural Morning Primers'

While the name seems a bit fancy, the concept is pretty simple and actually flexible. The idea is to do some bodyweight exercises from the moment you get out of bed. It is a circuit-style morning workout that can take as little as 5 minutes to complete, so that excuse about not having enough time is already thrown out the window. This primer will raise your heart rate and get blood flowing everywhere in a short period of time - truly jump starting your body.

3. Plan Your Routine

The good thing about NMPs is that you can personalize the routine for your personal goals. If you’re focused on creating the Beyoncé booty, go for some squats and lunges. If your focus is on your upper body, you can never go wrong with push ups. While creating the circuit, be sure to include an explosive movement like burpees and a good deep stretch. Some examples of exercises to include in your circuit are tricep dips, planks, hip thrusters, and wall sits. For some more inspiration on what workouts to do and how to do them, get the #FITGIRLCODE Guide.  Pick around 6 exercises, do 8-16 reps of each and perform the whole circuit as best you can without taking any break!

Once you’ve included NMP’s into your mornings, the results will come rolling in. The morning haze will soon be a thing of the past leaving only a happy, peppy you, who is more than ready to face the day and be productive! Try it and let me know what exercises you include in your morning workout and what works for you. 

Source: bodybuilding.com