Mug cakes! The cutest and easiest breakfast you can make! This is a special one. I wanted to experiment and made a mugcake only with the egg whites. If you are not really into the eggy protein flavour, it might be a “different” taste you might get used to. 

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So I wanted to eat something light, fast and full of protein that would fill up well. I know chia seed is full of protein. So I added the seeds to the mix. It becomes reaallly eggy. So I added some peanutbutter (always a trustworthy one).

What do you need?

-A mug

– 2 eggwhites

-1 tbl spoon of honey (or more, depends on your sweet tooth :D)

-1 tbl spoon of chia seeds

How to…?

Put the eggwhites in the mug and add the honey and chiaseeds. Place the mug in the microwave for about 1- 2 minutes. Check if it goes well! Every microwave is different. Take out your mug cake and reverse your mug on a plate so that it cools down and eventually will come out.

IMG_7571For the topping you need…

-1 tbl spoon of peanutbutter

-1 tbl spoon of whey isolate crisps

-5 almonds

When cooled down top it with the almonds, crispies and peanutbutter. Voila!! Enjoy your mug cake and make sure to share them with me on Instagram! You can find me as Fitgirltizi 🙂



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