Why you should eat less meat

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Have you ever considered eating less meat? But do you have no idea how or why to do it? This article can help you think twice about eating less meat and fish. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years now. From one day to the next I stopped eating fish and meat. Up to the present day I have not regretted my choice and I haven't had a day that I missed eating it. Let me tell you a bit more about it! 

It can be a bit hard for people to change their lifestyle. Especially for people who don't understand why you would turn into a vegan or vegetarian. If you want to try being a vegan or vegetarian, than you must fully support it. Why do you do this? Does it make a difference? Google is your friend here, try to search for sites that will tell you a bit more about what it will do to your body. Or what it will do to the world ;). Another tip is to watch the amazing documentary What the health on Netflix. It shows what eating meat does to your health, a must-see!


Think about what animal products do to your body. More and more studies show that eating more vegetables will reduce the risk of heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. But it's important to eat varied, so you get all your nutrients. You need to keep your iron-level up by swallowing iron. By the way, did you know that there is a lot of antibiotics, stress and hormones in meat? Another reason to eat less meat ;)


Did you know, that when you would stop eating meat for 1 week, you save 130 liters of water? This amount of water was used differently for the production of animal feed, livestock farms and the production of your portion meat. Besides that, you will save 76 kilometers of driving a car, it was used differently for making the package and for the preparation of your meat.


It's been over two years ago since I ate meat. I have never struggled with what I should eat or what I could eat. If I wasn't sure if a meal contained meat, I wouldn't eat it. And for the people who think it is hard to stop with eating meat and fish; it really isn't! Nowadays there are so much meat substitutes and it tastes the exact same way. You should try it sometimes, just to test it!


Now that you know what the impact is to eating less meat, you could try it! Ask your friends or family to join you with this challenge, try to cook as a vegetarian for a week or (even better) for a month. It's the only way to find out if you think it's easy or not. ;) 


Let us know if you tried to eat less meat and what your thoughts are on this blogpost! Let us know in the comments below