My favorite yoga DVDs

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I have this crazy busy schedule. In busy and stressful times yoga is a great way to relax and tune in with your body; however, what if there is no time to go to a yoga class? A great solution is to do yoga at home. There are some great video’s to be found on Youtube, but sometimes I don’t want to search and I just pop a DVD in. Usually it is one of these, so today I will share my favorite yoga DVDs with you!

MTV Power Yoga

This may sound weird, because MTV and yoga..? Well yes uh, it works. This Power Yoga workout led by Kristin McGee gets your heart rate up as it goes through a challenging flow. If you're looking for a yoga workout and not just an easygoing routine, try this 50 minute DVD. After some sun salutations and challenging poses the routine ends with some stretching and a small bonus consisting of some Pilates exercises.

Shiva Rea Power Flow Yoga

If you’re looking for a more challenging, advanced yoga workout with lots of variation, then this is definitely the DVD for you. I wouldn't recommend this DVD for beginners as it is quite heavy on yoga terminology. You can mix it up and combine separate routines or choose from the preset workouts. This one has a really intense “yoga vibe”, you either love Shiva Rea’s style or hate it.

Daily Yoga with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is like the queen of yoga on Youtube, but did you know she also has DVDs? This 1 hour long routine takes you through poses that strengthen, tone and lengthen your muscles. Tara is a very down to earth person and she has a very relaxed voice to listen to. The dvd has a nice, easy flow with a few more challenging poses, but I think it’s an excellent DVD for beginners and intermediate yogi(ni)s.

Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy

In this routine, Mandy blends traditional yoga poses and toning exercises. You can split the DVD, and either do a small routine with some more traditional yoga poses, or a routine that is more focused on toning; combined you have a 1 hour long workout. I love Mandy’s vibe, she oozes this typical yoga glow. This DVD is excellent for those days you want to do something extra but don't feel really motivated. Mandy will lift your mood and I promise you will feel a little burn a few times during the routine!

So these are my favorite yoga DVDs! Do you also pop in a yoga DVD sometimes? Tips are more than welcome!