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December is over and I guess I’m not the only one who is broke from buying Christmas gifts and expensive food for Christmas dinners. Now the new year has started and you want to get fit, without spending a lot of money.. Here are some tips to get fit on a budget.

Run Forrest, run!
Running is free! You can download all kinds of apps that help you to train and make you a better runner. I use RunKeeper and NexTrack to track my activities. All you need then is some running gear.. Go for it!

Shake your booty
Dance around in your house. With dancing you use a lot of muscles and you also burn calories. Also, who doesn’t love to dance? This really is an easy way to help you to get fit. Here are two playlists I like; the Dance Workout and Cardio.

Join in on the Fit Girl challenges

We have made a couple of challenges for you. Check out the challenge videos and schedules here. This month we have a full body challenge.

Buy your healthy foods at your local market
As we always say, being fit starts in the kitchen. Healthy food can sometimes cost a bit more than unhealthy food. But at local markets the food is a lot cheaper. Also if you stroll over the market you’re actually having a workout and cheaper food as well.

Prep your food in advance
It's nice to plan in advance what you're going to eat next week. You can buy all the groceries in one go and prep the meals. It's time saving to prep you meals and also your food is ready so you won't need to do groceries and buy more things, you don't need, just because your hungry. Also you can buy large amounts and use it for different meals throughout the week. At your local market you can probably buy large amounts of food for a really low price. For example you buy 5 peppers and make some variety of recipes with it like; stuffed peppers, a salad or use it with other veggies in a wrap. If you don't want to eat the peppers (or any other ingredient) for a couple days in a row you can just slice it and put it in the freezer for later.

So let's do this, and we'll all be rich fit girls ;-).

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