Humans are designed to compartmentalize everything.  And as a young female entrepreneur I try to stay away from being pushed into yet another category, afraid I might never come out alive. But even I have to admit; I am contributing to a new movement. Okay, I’m not just contributing I am totally chin deep in. My name is Aranka… and I am a Fitster

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Introducing: the Fitster..

She starts the day with baked oats with blueberries she fully prepped the night before. She spends her “me-time” in the gym and tries out every new exercise other Fitsters post online. She isn’t particularly great in one sport, she wants to try it all! She motivates herself and others by sharing a (slightly annoying) amount of photo’s of herself in the gym, overly beautifully prepared meals and the progress she has made in the last few weeks. She’d rather go home early on a Friday nigh so she can go the the gym Saturday morning. Her #OOTD (outfit of the day) exists of colorful tights with a quoted T-shirt and some shiny new kicks.

Like with every movement, trend of lifestyle, there will always be people complaining about it. They feel like you – yes you are probably a Fitster too – are making them feel bad about themselves because they eat bread, or they drink Coca Cola. They can’t enjoy an evening of relaxing on the couch because you have just broadcasted that leg day is over with a pic of your progress. Although I think these people should really #unfollow and stop whining.

But then I remembered the first time I completed a 5k run under 30 minutes and how proud I was. However I did not express this because everyone was running marathons. I loved the open and honest post of Anne yesterday, talking about her insecurities. I feel like if Fitsters would open up more about their struggles, the fact that one cheat day is just never enough. Maybe then we can even get our soda drinking collegue to try some fruit infused water or train for a 5k race.

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On my personal Instagram I’ve started to post more real photo’s of my life as a Fitster. To show you that I too want to give up sometimes and can’t stop eating white chocolate covered Oreo’s and triple chocolate chip cookies. Let’s take on the role of fit cheerleader and make being healthy more fun!


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