Fitgirlcode Plog 2

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When Aranka first told me about plogging, I thought it was a dirty word :) oh silly me. For the ones that don't know what plogging is: plogging is a blog in picture. Everybody loves to take a peek in other peoples life, we know we do! So we started a Fitgirlcode plog, sharing the days of our lives with you :) 

A day in the life of...


Steffi bought these awesome Nike Thea sneakers. Yes, she is in love with them. And yes, she keeps them besides her bed to stare at them before she goes to sleep. Don't we all? She also enjoyed the sun with a bowl of delicious pineberries, a strawberry mixed with a pineapple, YUM!

Last week was a YAY moment for us when Shelley made the Rotterdam papers with Fitgirlcode. We are so proud of her!! Our goal? World Domination ;) This week she also wrote an awesome article on running, and one of her tips is: enjoy the scenery. Check out her scenery when running. Pretty awesome huh?


Sweet Shirley is working SO hard on her thesis, she almost cried. Good thing we were around to stuff a Snickers in her mouth to keep her from crying. Luckily she can vent her frustrations when we work out together at Elevator Sports!

Anna is on a personal fit mission: to have Beyoncé's ass in hot pants…YUM! And her boyfriend is happy to join her on her runs #fitlove. The last 3 months she has been training so hard that she treated herself  to this awesome tattoo!

Our homegirl Chris and her abs of steel can always be found at the gym. She loves to work her butt off and inspire all around her. Hmmm, I wonder if she can lift that guy…Making your breakfast look this pretty makes it more fun and allows you to enjoy it more!

Where Aranka is, there is Cooper: the overweight British Shorthair that is ridiculously photogenic. He even has his own Instagram account :) Running with someone else is more fun, especially with the BF  

Bella loves to try new and healthy recipes in the kitchen! This week she made a scrumptious avocado salad for two. Yes, Bella is very girly :) She loves to wear pink when working her ass off at the gym.

Annegeke stole our hearts when she brought lemon pistachio squares the first day at the office. We LOVE her awesome recipes, like this quinoa sushi with avocado and cucumber. And how about that salad with beans and sweet potato chips…DAING!

Kim absolutely loves animals and she is the godmother to a lot of doggies :) So she thought: why run alone when you can run with animals? So she's planning to start doing that really soon. I wonder if she's the next Cesar Milan?

So I just turned 35 and the best way to celebrate this, is with the boyfriend, the friends and sushi…And lots of it too! MEOW! My boyfriend's kitty is actually getting used to me taking a million pictures a day. Look at her, sitting all pretty 

Fitgirl fan plog

You guys sent us some many cool pictures every day and we LOVE them! This week pictures of fit fans Haley and Joyce. Do you want to be featured in our next plogs? Keep posting your pictures on our Facebook wall, and use #fitgirlcodeplog when posting on Instagram. You can also send your pictures to Keep sending us those pictures, YOU GUYS ROCK! Now go plog yourself!