Yola's food and exercise schedule

Fit & Training door thijs

Every day I get a lot of questions about my food and workouts and I love to answer all of them. My abs are quite visual and I have some deep definition lines in my stomach area. Many of you are curious what my week looks like, so I decided to keep a food and exercise schedule.

First of all, let me say that every week looks different and this is just an example. Please, do not read this diary as the ‘perfect’ example for what you should eat and what workouts you should do. Every body is different and responds different to food and workouts.

I've always had quite a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy eating isn’t a big deal for me because I just love healthy foods like fruits, veggies and nuts and they have always been a part of my daily intake. I don’t count macros, calories or follow any diets. I never have. I think there is no need for me to track what I’m eating, since my body tells me exactly what it needs. I mostly eat healthy, but I like to go out for dinner as well. And I like cookies, and icecream, and peanutsauce. So whenever I feel like having some, I just take it! Luckily that’s not too often, otherwise my body would probably look a lot different.

Food and exercise schedule

The past year, after summer holidays, I’ve made some changes in my food and workout. I started doing crossfit, boxing and bootcamp. Nowadays I eat more (and more often) because my body needs it and because of the type of workouts I do. I don’t eat a lot of meat. That's not because I'm a vegetarian, but because I just don’t like it, never have. I do eat fish and often add nuts to my dinner.

As my food diary shows I don’t fear bread (or carbs) or ‘too many’ fruits. I just love bread and I think you can never eat enough fruits. I would say there is no need to completely quit eating specific products (except for medicinal or health reasons). Variety is the key, including all kind of foods. And cheats not to forget!

Some of my favourite snacks

Fruit Smoothie

- 3 squeezed oranges
- 1 squeezed lemon
- 1/2 mango
- 1/2 banana
- splash of water





Spelt Muffins (bake 30 minutes on 180 degrees)

- 1/2 banana
- 100 gr. speltflour
- 1 egg
- 75 ml. almondmilk
- 3/4 tbsp. baking soda & a drizzle of honey
- 1/2 tbsp. cinnamon
- 20 gr. vanilla whey
- some cacao nibs
- 8 dried apricots in small pieces
- 6 strawberries in small pieces
- 10 crushed walnuts


Feel free to ask me anything about my food and workouts anytime!

Love, Yola (@Yolaforthewin on Instagram)