Why trans fat is your worst enemy

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At #FITGIRLCODE we encourage balance in your diet and treating yourself but it is important to know what ingredients are in store bought food. Limiting processed junk food is one way to do this but a ban on trans fats could make it easier to avoid unknowingly eating foods that are undoing your healthy choices. 

Highly damaging to health
Partially hydrogenated oils or chemically enhanced vegetable oil, starts of as unsaturated fat but is then chemically saturated in order to increase the shelf life of food products. This results in trans fats which are found in food such as pizzas, fast food, popcorn, pastries and margarine and are proven to be highly damaging to health and are a factor in cardiovascular diseases.

Registered on the blacklist
Starting with Denmark, the inclusion of trans fats has been banned in food products in many countries across Europe with others restricting the quantity and requiring strict labelling which has helped reduce consumption. Clear labelling of ingredients contained within a product makes it easier to make a healthier decision and avoid unwanted consumption artificial substances in food.

The Food and Drug agency's proposed ban on trans fats in the USA may result in lawsuits for major food manufacturers but is a step in the right direction for the country's notorious reputation for unhealthy processed food. To prevent the ban, manufacturers would have to prove that trans fats are safe to consume. This contradicts research of recent years, which has concluded that artificial trans fats raise 'bad' cholesterol while lowering 'good' cholesterol.

It isn't always possible to have home made snacks or make every meal from scratch, so regulations on food ingredients and even a ban on trans fats, could mean eating healthier might become a little bit easier. Even on days where you decide to treat yourself to some cookies or chips, there could be one less thing that is damaging to your health diet, as long as you consume them in moderation.

How to eat fat the healthy way
Using organic nut and coconut oils where necessary in your cooking at home is one change to make in order to reduce your intake of trans fats, as the Institute for Medicine states there are no safe level of consumption for this specific type of fat. Backlash from media sources suggests that Federal government is acting in its own interests by imposing a complete ban in order to make money (liability costs) in the process of exposing food producers. At #FITGIRLCODE we are actually pleased to hear about the proposal. Take a look at Aranka's article The truth about fat, how and why it is necessary in your diet.

A healthy balanced diet means enjoying everything in moderation but it is important to check the labels and really limit processed food to ensure you aren't consuming unnecessary chemicals and fuel your body with whole, nutrient rich foods.