So, how are you doing with your summer body? Are you training hard to get those abs and round butt? What about your arms? Have you trained them already? Arms, together with hips and thighs, are the place where most women tend to save their fat. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to train them. These exercises will help you get slim arms!

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Tricep dips

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Put your hands behind you and push yourself up. This is your starting position.
  2. Then, slowly lower yourself until your elbow is roughly at shoulder height.
  3. Push yourself up again until your arms are stretched again.
  4. Repeat.

This exercise can also be done with your hands on an elevated surface, such as a bench.

Triangle pushups

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get in a regular pushup position.
  2. Place your hands side by side so that they form a triangle (thumbs and forefingers touching).
  3. Lower yourself until you’re a few inches above your hands and push yourself up again by stretching your arms.
  4. Repeat.

Shoulder press

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Grab a weight in both hands and lean them on your shoulders in a standing position.
  2. Push your arms above your head until they are fully stretched.
  3. Then, slowly lower your arms to the starting position.
  4. Repeat.

Tricep kickbacks

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Take a weight in both hands and stand up straight.
  2. Bring your torso forward with your knees bent slightly.
  3. Bend your arms at a 90 degrees angle and bring your elbows up to shoulder height, behind your head.
  4. Then, completely stretch your arms.
  5. Slowly lower the weights to the starting position.
  6. Repeat.

You don’t need to do both arms at the same time. If you do one at a time, don’t forget to change after each set!

Renegade Row

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Take a weight, such as a kettlebell, in your hand and get in a plank position on the floor.
  2. Pull the weight up with one hand to the side of your chest.
  3. Lower the weight slowly back to the starting position.
  4. Switch sides after a few steps and repeat.

You can also take a kettlebell in both hands and switch after every try. It’s up to you!

With these exercises even your arms will be ready for the summer! Which exercise do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

Do you want to train your arms but not use any weights? In the Fitgirlcode Guide you can find lots of different exercises for you to continue your Fit Journey and train different body parts! 

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