Summer is here and your holiday just a few weeks away, it is easy to get sidetracked. Because we all know summer bodies are made in the winter,( actually all year around 🙂 ) and that going away on a well deserved holiday doesn’t mean you can’t get  your workouts in, I’m hitting you up with  these on the go workouts – booty blast & ballerina arms. Ready if you are! 

Whoa, Your Butt Looks Awesome!

Certainly a phrase we can’t get a enough of right? But to maintain a beautiful and perky behind you have to put in work.  Lifting heavy weights, glute bridges, single leg leg presses, lunges, and kickbacks all contribute to  a stronger, rounder and firm behind and this Whoa, your butt looks awesome by Cosmo Body workout  will do the same. In about 15 minutes, Jennifer Johnson takes you trough a #BOOTYBLASTING routine you can easily repeat and incorporate into your own workout routine.
The Arabesques and V’s are a serious killer and will have you breaking a sweat, but we all know, nothing worth having comes easy right?

Score Sculpted Ballerina Arms

Don’t get it twisted or get thrown off by the term ballerina, because this workout will not have you dancing around your hotel room wearing a tutu. It WILL have you working on your arms, shoulders and back instead, so you can rock all those racerback and sleeveless tops you chucked in to your suitcase in style.

Katia Pryce takes you through an easy yet effective and  practical workout  that will have you hooked in just under 12 minutes.This Score Sculpted Ballerina Arms by Cosmo Body workout is  an absolute no- brainer in my book. I just press play, get it in and go about my business.

So there you have a few of my on the go workouts to take with you on your summer holiday.
Have a great one and let me know how they worked for you in the comments or on @ily_fitgirl on the gram.



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