The all-you-can-eat guilt free sushi guide for Fit Girls

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Are you planning on going to a sushi restaurant, but you have no idea what to eat? Then read these tips below and enjoy eating in an all you can eat sushi restaurant guilt free!

I have always been a big fan of sushi, like, you could wake me up for this stuff. And tonight, we are celebrating my brothers birthday eating at a Japanese - all you can eat - restaurant. Usually I will starve myself for 12 hours for the occasion, then, eat so much it’s embarrassing and show everyone my “food baby” when the festivities have finished. Although it sounds horrible, its sort of a tradition and I loved it. Yes, past tense, loved. I’m not so sure anymore and I will tell you why; I have been working my butt off these past months, eating clean, exercising and challenging myself to get fit and healthy. One night of binging sushi could potentially make me fall back into the routine of feeling bloated and not caring. Also, I just don’t want to know how many burpees I need to complete to settle the score.

When I told people at the office, the jokes started. “Why do you care, you are so skinny”. “You will become very unhappy if you keep thinking like that”. Immediately in my own defense I said something like: You wouldn’t understand, ever! But later on I realized, they were right. Why am I dreading something I used to love? This makes no sense! So I thought, how can I make sure I enjoy sushi without ruining all the good I have been doing these past months? I did some research and this is what I will be eating tonight and why:

  1. Edamame
    Yeah, yeah, I know it's not sushi. But they're one of the healthiest menu choices you can make, packed with protein (do I have your attention now) fiber, folate and iron. Getting them out of their pods keeps you from eating them too quickly. Usually they come with a lot of salt so just ask for your bowl unsalted and add a small pinch at the table. Half a cup of steamed edamame has 127 calories and 11 grams of protein!
  2. Seaweed salad
    Seaweed is a great source of vitamins. It’s also rich in many minerals including iodine, selenium, calcium, and iron. Also, the fiber in seaweed may help prevent fat absorption due to the polysaccharide, alginate. And seaweed may reduce the risk of breast cancer due to its anti-estrogenic effects, as well as improve menstrual symptoms.
  3. Sashimi
    This is seafood in its purest form, without the salty rice, this dish consists of nothing but thin slices of raw salmon, tuna, or whatever else is fresh. You are guaranteed to get a massive load of protein with relatively little fat with this dish.
  4. Sushi!
    Of cource I am eating sushi, who am I kidding. But I did do a little Google research to find out what is exactly in one roll so I can make an informed decision instead of just stuffing my face.
  • Cucumber Roll: 110 calories, 0 g fat
  • Tuna Roll: 140 calories, 2 g fat
  • California Roll: 255 calories, 7 g fat
  • Spicy Tuna Roll: 290 calories, 11 g fat
  • Dragon Roll: 490 calories, 12 g fat
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll: 510 calories, 21 g fat

A few last things to keep in mind:

  • Rice acts like a sponge as soon as you dip it in soy sauce. Every tablespoon you eat gobbles up as much as 40 percent of your daily sodium limit.
  • Eat wasabi! Wasabi has great health benefits like antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Which means that it eliminates bacteria, which is great when you're eating raw fish and helps prevent the bloated feeling.
  • Skip anything tempura. Tempura is Japanese for deep-fried which is grease and not very healthy.

Last but not least: After reading this, just eat whatever you feel like eating. You will make better and more informed decisions. Just listen to your body and stop when you are full. Eat your sushi guilt fee!