We all know it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you feel like you’re eating healthy in the morning but still not managing to lose any weight? Keep reading! There are 3 healthy breakfast mistakes that we’re not all aware of and could even cause weight gain. Wait, what?! Yes! Today I am going to talk with you – my #FITGIRLCODE babes – about the golden rules to a high speed metabolism and fat burning first thing in the morning!

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Your breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. I deliberately say ‘should’, because the well-known shouts about having breakfast and initiating your metabolism are pretty much useless when you’re not eating breakfast properly. The following tips will help you to see a valuable change in your body and mind, by eating the right amount of calories and distributing macronutrients properly. So what are the three most commonly made mistakes AND how should you eat breakfast to improve it?

breakfast mistakes

1. You eat too little protein

Eating a considerable amount of high quality protein contributes to a better production of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters send messages to body functions and determine how you feel emotionally. Besides that, they take care of a good memory, alertness and focus. Furthermore, protein rich meals satisfy you more and thus you will have less cravings during the day. Sounds great, right?!

2. You think you eat enough protein

It’s a common mistake that people think they’re consuming a protein rich meal or ingredient while it’s actually not really the case. Take the following popular breakfast meals for example, there’s a common misunderstanding that they are actually rich in protein:

  • Oats with fruit (and seeds and nuts)
  • Yogurt with muesli/fruits
  • Bread with peanut butter/sweet sandwich filling

Yes, all these products contain some protein, but the amount is overestimated. Besides, the quality (biological value) is very low, so you can better choose some other sources of protein. Further on in this article, I will give you some good breakfast options – rich in protein!

3. You skip breakfast

Not having breakfast does not harm your metabolism. Moreover, it will probably make you eat more during the day than when you had your breakfast. In my first argument I mentioned that by having a protein-rich breakfast you will have less cravings during the day, and that’s exactly the reason why it’s so important to NOT skip your breakfast. It is easy to consume 500 extra calories when you feel like snacking.

Any of you out there thinking: What if you skip your breakfast because it’s hard for you to eat something in the morning? Help is here! It’s time to give you three breakfast tips to easily eat a protein rich breakfast.

breakfast mistakes

Three examples of a healthy protein rich breakfast:

Eating enough protein in the morning does not have to be difficult. You can make the following 3 breakfast meals in five minutes and make sure that you have the best possible start of your day!

  • Omelet with spinach, bell pepper, onion and whole wheat bread;
  • Skinny quark with cinnamon, nuts (handful), oats and a piece of fruit;
  • Protein shake with banana, oats, spinach and avocado.

I am a big supporter of integrating veggies into my breakfast meal, simply because you should eat a lot of them each day. They contain a lot of fiber and give you a full feeling. Adding veggies to your smoothie is easy, healthy and tasty! Click here to see my skinny smoothie recipes!

A final piece of advice: breakfast all starts with a decent preparation. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting up five minutes earlier (what we are talking about) and making sure that your fridge is nice and full. Outcome? A happy and energetic YOU! 🙂

Hope you find this blog post helpful!

With love,

P.S. What’s your favorite healthy breakfast? Please tell me in the comment section below!
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