Today is a great moment to have a closer look into my biggest passion: figure skating! I had my last competition of this season yesterday and I loved every minute of it! Figure skating is so much more for me than ‘just a sport’. Not only have I learnt so much about the sport itself, I’ve learnt life lessons at the ice rink.

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When I started to skate, I was only a shadow of a person of who I am now. I was insecure about basically everything in life and I never had the courage to try something new. Actually, taking my first figure skating lessons was just an experiment. At the gym I was always focused on how many calories I burned. Yes, I was very dedicated and consistent, but for the wrong reasons and I didn’t enjoy it at all! I hoped figure skating could be a sport I actually would practice because it makes me happy. And luckily, I absolutely loved it!


After a few years of recreational skating, I decided to start doing skating competitions. I think this is where my real journey began. Figure skating is technically one of the hardest sports on earth. The techniques are so refined and difficult…it takes years to learn and refine all the basic jumps and spins. And if you can do all the basics, then there’s the next step: combination spins and double jumps! After doubles, comes triples and among the world top skaters are actually even figure skaters (mainly men) who can land quads: 4 rotations in one jump, it’s like a spin in the air!! WOW!

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