How to be the best workout buddy

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Working out alone is not at all an issue, but it becomes even easier to do when you have an awesome BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever) by your side. It takes a bit of time to get a good feel for each other, but when you do reach there, you two will be on fire! Do you want to become the best workout buddy ever? Then check out these tips. And send them right along to your very lovely BFFF. 

1.  Make sure that you're in line with your buddy

You two are always fine and dandy together, but if you're training for a powerlifting competition, and your workout  buddy wants to do cardio for an hour, it's not going to work. You can maybe mentally motivate each other, but with such different goals, it can be difficult to keep that support going. It's going to work a bit easier when you both have the same motivation to go to the gym. That way, you can share all your issues and give each other tips when necessary.

2. Make sure that you're there. And always on time.

At 7am, you're already fresh and out the bed, putting on your sports outfit and eating a full hearty breakfast. But when you reach to the gym at 7:30, your best friend is nowhere in sight. When you check Whatsapp, you notice that her last seen was at 3:30 that morning. Great...Now you need to switch up your whole schedule because you can't do all the exercises that requires her there to help. Annoying, huh?  I'm sure that you never want to be in such a situation, so make sure that you're always on time when you know that your workout buddy is too.

When your buddy is not as motivated as you, you two can clash frequently. If you find yourself being too lax, then have a talk with each other. Being a no-show just isn't going to cut it!

3. Know when you need to motivate her and when not to

It can happen, of course, that your friend has a bad day and doesn't feel like doing anything. This is the perfect moment to put your best foot forward. Time for a motivational pep-talk! Give your friend a bit of your energy, and ensure that you both kill your workout like you usually do. Without a workout buddy, she maybe would not have gone to the gym, so go you!

When the situation is flipped, and your friend is pushing too hard, know when to reel her in. Over training is very painful and that's not something you want for your workout buddy. So, as a perfect BFFF, it's your job to take care of your friend, and help her to find the right balance between getting enough rest and enough exercise.

4. Always be the best coach you can be

If you know that your best friend needs a very aggressive, loud voice to push her: then be that trainer. If not: then keep quiet. One of the best things about having a workout buddy, is that you just get each other. You know each other's strengths and weakness and so you know when you can push a bit extra. Deadlifts, squats, and burpees can be very tricky, so it's nice to have a buddy who can look on and let you know where you can be better.

5. Do your homework

A training routine naturally does not last forever. Every now and then, add in new exercises so that your body and mind are stimulated enough in a way that allows exercising to always be fun. As a workout buddy, you need to regularly bring in new ideas you can try together. Your best friend shouldn't be the only one that is religiously searching for new workouts. Inspiration everywhere!

Are you always working out with your workout buddy? And do you two check off these 5 points? Let me hear ya! :)