How to make your push-ups more effective

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Push-ups. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are the best way to train your arms without needing weights. However, this doesn’t mean you need to do dozens of push-ups every day to reap the benefits. By making your push-ups more effective, you can get better results with less repetitions. One way to do this is through so called ‘isometric push-ups’. In other words: by holding your position when you reach the bottom of your push-up. Below, we’ll explain how to perform isometric push-ups, and how this makes the exercise more effective.

How do I perform isometric push-ups?

To do isometric push-ups, you start in the same way you would with regular push-ups. Place your hands flat and directly underneath your shoulders, push the ball of your feet into the floor and engage your core. Slowly lower your chest towards the floor; keep your body in one straight line and make sure your elbows keep pointing backwards (no flapping!), until you get to the lowest point that you are able to control – about one or two inches above the floor. Hold that position for a few seconds. Then push yourself backup by straightening your arms. Start with five reps per day and gradually increase.

How does this make your push-ups more effective?

With isometric push-ups you reap the benefits of both push-ups and planks, without putting too much pressure on your muscles and joints. You’re training your back, your core and the smaller muscles in your arms and shoulders, in a way you can’t with regular push-ups. Do this consistently, and in no time you’ll be able to do multiple push-ups in a row. You’ll also be able to hold your position longer, without putting in too much effort. And who knows… maybe you will even start to develop a love for those dreaded push-ups!

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