How to stay (or get) fit as a student

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As a student, I know it’s very hard to juggle between school, work, friends, gym, cooking, studying and having some me-time. Of course, just like many other people, I want to have fun, do good at school, go to the gym and eat healthy. But (sadly) all those things cost time and money: things students wish they had more. I’ll give away some tips on how to be (or remain) a true Fit Girl student!

5 tips to a healthier diet

  1. Have a healthy breakfast

Your body needs energy to start a new day, so nourish your body with an awesome breakfast, oats for example. Click here to find out why oats are awesome.

  1. Prepare a kickass lunch

I love my bed and I never want to leave it, especially when I have to get out. To give myself more quality time with my bed in the morning I prep my lunch or dinner the evening before.

  1. Don’t forget to bring some healthy snacks

To prevent unhealthy snacking at the school cafeteria I bring my own healthy snacks with me. My favorites are nuts, dates, carrots and a banana.

  1. Eat your veggies

Just like my mother always said. A lot of people don’t reach their daily recommended amount of veggies and that’s too bad because they’re amazing for your body! Why? Vegetables are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and they’re low in calories.

  1. Keep track of your own workout and health journal

It helps me to see my progress, which will motivate me even more to continue. It’s a great way to monitor your workouts and reach your goals. Next month I will share my own workout and health journal with you!

And remember: you can work your ass off in the gym, but if your diet isn’t on point, your body won’t be either.

How to stay (or get) fit as a student

Abs are made in the kitchen

If you want to get fit you have to work your ass (or boobs, R.I.P to all the boobs lost during our fitness journeys) off and eat healthy. The more effort you put in, the bigger the reward at the end will be. Sure, those chocolate cookies look delicious, just don’t eat them daily. Yes, you can have a cheat day but you can’t expect to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel if you eat a box of Oreos, 2 bags of chips and a pizza on a daily basis.


It’s all about the balance baby! Of course you can go to an awesome party and drink some alcohol, but find the right balance. Know when to stay at home for a Saturday night if you have your exams the week after, go to bed early to kick some ass at the gym the next morning. Try to go to the gym at least three times a week. Make sure you get enough sleep and have fun! Find out what works best for you and don’t let anybody discourage you. Do it for you :)

Grocery shopping

A lot of people think that healthy foods costs tons of money, but I disagree. You don’t need superfoods to stay healthy, just keep it simple. Think of brown rice, legumes, nuts, seeds and in season veggies and fruits for example. If you play it smart, you will save a lot of money (more money to buy kickass workout clothing ;) ). Here are some tips to save some money on grocery shopping:

  • Don’t do groceries when you’re hungry, you will end up buying unhealthy products you don’t need.
  • Always make a shopping list and don’t forget to bring it with you.
  • Go to the local market and buy fruits and veggies that are in season. This is the most inexpensive way to buy your fruits and veggies for the week.
  • Keep an eye on the discount products at your local grocery store.

Create your gym at home

I can understand that some gym memberships are pretty expensive. But who needs a gym if you can also do awesome workouts at home? All you need is a yoga mat, some weights (dumbbells or a kettlebell), a jumping rope and a fabulous workout outfit. Thanks to YouTube you can find tons of awesome fitness YouTubers who love to share workouts with you that will make you sweat. And don’t forget to join the monthly challenges at FITGIRLCODE!

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