How to stick to your New Year's resolution

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All I want for Christmas is... A sixpack! As I mentioned in my previous post Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Christmas presents, dinner parties and of course champagne!  I don't know about you guys but I cut myself some slack during the holidays - but this doesn't mean that I don't have all these New Year's resolutions lined up. Are you with me?

I love food, a good glass of wine and of course PRESENTS! Don't we all? That's exactly the reason why I look forward to Christmas. And no, not because of the Christmas songs. No hard feelings, but I think I heard too many "All I want for Christmas" and "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells." Just kidding ;). I love spending time with friends and family and even listening to some cheesy Christmas songs. The one thing I don't dig about Christmas and New Year's is the way it makes me feel afterwards: like a bloated hippo. Ha! But I embrace that little cute hippo because I know it's not everlasting. Each year I start the new year with a fresh mindset and the determination to work on that beach body (nothing wrong with a little daydreaming). Isn't that what New Year's resolutions are made for?

Treat yo self!

So we recently had a really cool giveaway of 3 Nike giftcards to help you with that New Year's resolution and give you the final push to unlock your healthy lifestyle. And of course, also because everyone needs a little bit of pampering during the holidays. Maybe you won, maybe you didn't. Hey, I didn't win either but this doesn't mean we cannot work on that beach body together! So what is a better way to start than treat yourself on some new workout gear?! It will motivate you to hit the gym and you will look fabulous while doing it! Double score!

Nike Gifting Experience

So Nike knows exactly what I'm talking about! They have developed a special selection of products which will help you pick out the items for your New Year's resolutions. And trust me, this Gifting Experience is awesome! It actually makes me wanna go to the gym already and show off my outfit ;) And it has something for him as well as for her. So you can always surprise your BFFF or BF with a new outfit. It doesn't have to be Christmas to give gifts, why not give yourself a gift because you're promising yourself to be the best version of you next year? Or this way you don't have an excuse when you drag yourself to the gym!

So girls, lets rock 2016 and work our butts off! Together we stand strong!