Island Recovery Smoothie

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What a night…On holiday me and my boyfriend found a place that had homemade sangria. They also had loads of games to play like UNO, Monopoly and other card games. We are very competitive and playing card games and drinking sangria is a promise for a looooonnnggg night.

I won! Yaay! Uhhlgg…I lost my energy and fit feeling though...Time for a recovery smoothie. I discovered this smoothie at a bar near our hotel. It was soo delicious and it instantly made me feel better. I felt so good I even went for a run after :D. Yeah I fell in love with this delicious green smoothie. It’s very much affordable and easy to make. It also looks pretty. Love Green.

The Island Recovery smoothie

-       2 Handfull of fresh spinach leaves

-       100 gram of Pineapple (preferably frozen)

-       ½ a lime (squeezed)

-       Ice Cubes!! As much as you like.

Benefits of this smoothie.

After a night of drinking our body needs to recover. Spinach absorbs the alcohol from your blood, lime regulates your blood sugar level and pineapple has natural sugars that makes your energy peaks.

So get up and get your juice on! And if you have any recipes for me, let me know!