30 day ab challenge

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Here we go again! We're pumped and you should be too, because we invite you to start a new #Fitgirlcode challenge. Summer is coming, which means its bikini and crop top time. So…now we are ready for the #FITGIRLABS challenge (YAY) and invite you to join us! Who's in? 

Why should you do a 30 day ab challenge?

30 day challenges have multiple benefits. You train yourself to be disciplinary. It's great for your self esteem, how great is that feeling when you went from 20 second planing to a full 2 minutes? Also, when you repeat something for 30 days you subconsciously teach yourself to add a certain routine to your lifestyle. When you have done crunches for 30 days, how hard is it to keep doing them twice a week?

The challenge

Because the ab challenge is a bit more complicated and diverse as our previous challenges, Christel will teach you the right technique with these images below. If you have any questions along the way, just comment below and we'll be happy to answer them!

1: Normal Crunch
Lay on the ground, keep your legs bend in a 90 degree angle. Place your hands on the back of your neck, this is only to support your neck. Flex your ab muscles and lift your shoulders of the ground. Breathe out and bring your shoulders back on the ground. Make sure you keep breathing, don't pull your neck and really focus on your abdominal muscles.

2: Hip raises

Lay on the ground, keep your legs bend in a 90 degree angle. Place your hands beside your body. this is only to support your neck. Flex your ab muscles and lift your butt of the ground. Breathe out and bring your butt back on the ground. This looks super funny so if you do this with an audience, people will laugh :)


3: Leg raises
Lay on the ground flat on your back with your legs straight in a 90 degree angle and your toes pointing up to the ceiling. With your arms beside your body. Bring your legs down until your heels almost hit the ground, then raise them back towards the ceiling. Don't just let gravity do all the work for you, do this slowly and be in control of the movement.

4: Plank
He's back :) We all know the plank all too well. Make sure you tighten your ab muscles and do not drop your hips. You should literally be a plank when you look in the mirror.



Sixpack please

This challenge is meant to help you strengthen your abs and make them more visible. Getting muscle definition depends per person so unfortunately we can't guarantee a six-pack at the end of this challenge. If we could give you a six-pack in 30 days, we would make t-shirts with #ABFAIRY and be a millionaire :). However, with a clean and healthy meal plan, you will see results! We are a big fan of before and after photo's so put on a crop top and show us your progress!

Remember, this is YOUR challenge so try doing what you can do. Do not overdo it. You can challenge yourself, but try to do it wisely. It's always better to get to your goal, even if it takes you longer than a month. The most important thing is that you get to your goal!

So what do you think? Are you with us? Let us know and don’t forget to tag #FITGIRLABS on Instagram and Facebook, we always love to see pictures of you guys.

Good luck Fit Girls!