What to look for in a Personal Trainer : The basics

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Starting your fit journey, or taking it to the next level can be rather difficult at times. Instead of giving up or staying in your comfort zone, you can opt for booking some sessions with a Personal Trainer, someone who is skilled and can help you accomplish your goals. But what to look for in a Personal Trainer and where do you start looking when you decide you want to do this . What to look for in a Personal Trainer : The basics are up next!


Before you determine who you are going to train with determine your goals. It is way easier picking a trainer when you know what you want to accomplish. By determining your goals first you will find your self searching for PT's who's expertise suit these goals and not the other way around.goal1-300x235


Some PT's have their own gyms, some work in mainstream gyms and some just work all over the place, even outside or at your home. When you search for a PT, make sure you know where you like to work out. There is nothing wrong with being the  inside-the-gym type or the -nice-weather-lets-train-outside-type, but make sure you pick a trainer that suits these preferences to. By doing this you'll make sure you have a good time, feeling comfortable and utilizing not only your but also your trainer's skills.

Intake & Trial

Most trainers I've trained with all did a thorough intake before starting any training and offered a trial lesson. During the intake you can talk to your potential trainer and ask as many questions as you like and during the trial you can get a taste of what training will be like. If a trainer doesn't offer a trial class you can always ask for one, just make sure you have done your research and know you can articulate WHY it is you want the trial with this particular trainer. If under any circumstances you don't have a good feeling after the intake or trial, make sure you DO NOT go along with it anyway. There are more fish in the sea, just continue your search. I tell you, if you settle for anything less than perfect  (for you)  in this department  you will REGRET it, and you bankaccount will too :-(



I dropped the b word already, bankaccount ;-). Training with a PT will cost you more money than training for yourself at your local gym. The money however should be seen as an investment, an investment from YOU in YOURSELF. Why is it that we like to spend money on clothes, food, gadgets and homes, but we don't invest in the one device we can never get another one off, our bodies. Weird right? So when you consider starting training with a PT make sure you try to see the spending of your hard-earned-dinero's as an investment, just like a #BOSS would do. And as an extra tip, saving monthly for this, asking for sponsorships on birthday's and holidays for your PT-fund or treating yourself on some sessions with your taxrefund can be an option too, aint it?


Even though it is serious business training with a PT, is also supposed to be fun and trust me, working out with a PT you actually like and trust, will make the whole thing so much easier!

So there you have it, the basic tips on what to look for while searching for a personal trainer. If you have any questions or like more tips or posts on this topic, let me know @ily_fitgirl.

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