Mangosteen Miyogi

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For me January is a month with new habits and start being a better version of myself. A little bit cliché, I know... :D So last year I was discovering how to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast and this year I am looking for improvements and change of ingredients, to improve my quality of life, eating habits and creativity in cooking. My breakfast is one of my most important meals of the day.  So I started to look for some new ingredients for my breakfast.

The "Queen of the fruits" for breakfast
Have you ever heard of Mangosteen (also known as Mangistan or the "Queen of fruits")? I found this fruit but it never appealed to me until a lady at the market stopped me and told me about the amazing benefits of this fruit. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that grows in the rain forests of Southeast Asia. The mangosteen is rich of xanthones. These antioxidants are more powerful then vitamins. Xanthones are strong infections lowers and increase te quality of your breathing, your immune system and digestion. The Mangosteen is the fruit with the most xanthones in the world (especially in the skin)! The flesh has the same texture and colour as the lychee. It's sweet and soft and it really fils.

Miyogi: Mangosteen. What do you need?
- 1 or 2 whole mangosteen

- 1/2 apple

-2 tbl spoons of hennep seeds

-1 tbl spoon of pumpkin seeds

- tbl spoon of sunflower seeds

-1 tbl spoon of honey

-5 to 10 nuts by choice (hazelnuts, almondswalnuts or a mix :D)