They say that giving birth feels like running a marathon. Well, I just gave birth for the second time so I’m done with that ☺.  Now it’s time for the real deal, running THE New York Marathon. That should be doable for a fit mom like me, right?

Running these 42 kilometers has been on my bucketlist for quite a long time and I believe that 2016 will be my year that I do it. After doing some research I found a lot of nice tips and tricks how to prepare for a big run like this.

Getting into the mood
2016 sounds like ‘miles’ away but it feels like going on a holiday. The fun starts with the preparation, by thinking, reading and talking about it and of course by signing up. Then there will be no way back…

Getting the money
The NY Marathon is not a cheap run. But it must be totally worth it when I hear all those great stories from people around me. Getting a race number isn’t that easy, you’re not the only one who has this great experience in mind. The NY Marathon is the biggest marathon in the world with more than 50.000 crazy runners! Charity runs are very popular but pretty expensive (5.000-6.000 euro’s). I’d rather choose a package deal including a hotel, flight and a race number (2.000-4.000 euro’s). Dutchies, I found for some nice options.


Get moving
Are you a runner with a lot of experience or are you just starting out? You’ll find many many schedules on the internet which tell you how to get fit and in shape for this big 42. There are schedules that start 18 weeks in advance, but also schedules that start 6 months in advance. Take a look at this example by Runners World. And don’t forget: it’s not all about running, add some power training to your schedule too. Damn, when I think about a 4 and a half hour run (at least!) I still can’t believe I really want to do this…

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