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I’m not really the type of girl who enjoys running. However, I always try to motivate myself to go for a run more often because I know I’ll feel good afterwards. And it doesn’t cost a lot of money and time compared to going to a gym. But when I go for a run it often feels like I’m just running around without a goal, which is not very motivating ;) I noticed that I definitely need a goal or something that could motivate me a bit more, especially now that it’s winter time.

This week I got the opportunity to test the new Freeletics Running app. Freeletics already exists as a workout app to become stronger, leaner and healthier, and with 8 million users worldwide (including Ellie Goulding and Gwyneth Paltrow), it is proven to be succesful. And now Freeletics created - with the same philosophy - the Freeletics Running app: an app with a personal running coach. At first I was a bit afraid of  starting with Freeletics Running, since the regular Freeletics app has a reputation of being quite tough (and I'm not that fit at this moment). But then I was told that the this app is very beginner-friendly, and I saw the transformation video below, so I thought: let’s give it a try.

I downloaded the app, created my account and filled in some personal info, like name, gender and on what aspect I’d like my coach to focus (e.g. lose weight or become faster). Next, it showed me my workout plan for the first week. The first week I had to go for three runs: one 3K run and two interval runs. Of course this plan is dependant on your personal situation and preferences, like your current fitness level and what your goal is. I stated that I could go for a 3K run at a moderate pace, so that’s what my schedule was built around.

The first run (3K) went very well! I actually thought I couldn’t run 3K without having a rest, but the app motivated me so much that before I knew it I’d run 3K! The ‘coach’ tells you during the run how far you are, what your pace is etc. So in this case with every kilometer he told me how far I was. This motivated me so much! At 2,5K I became quite breathless (yep, I know.. but I haven’t run for months!), but as soon as the coach told me I had only 500 meters to go I was determined to finish it.

The second and third run were interval training. I found both runs quite tough, but there was enough rest in between the intervals which made it doable. Afterwards I felt so good because it really was a challenge. Especially for these types of runs this app is super useful, because you’re being told exactly when you have to run as fast as you can, how long you still have to go and when you  have time to rest. Next to the personalized Coach and weekly schedules, the app has different running workouts (like the interval runs) and plenty of distances you can do next to your weekly schedule (up to 21K!). The app is free to download and as a free user without the Coach you can use four of the workouts and the distance runs.

Do you want to try the Freeletics Running app yourself? We're going to give away a 3-months subscription for the Freeletics Running app, which gives you acces to all the features which the app has to offer, including a personalized Coach, all workouts and all distances. So, what to do to win it? Make sure to complete all three steps!

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So, I would say: so far so good! I’m already curious about the runs for next week. I’m happy I found this app, because now I’m much more motivated to go for my runs, and so far I’m really amazed by my own abilities ;) So tell us why you want to win this subscription to the Coach and go for it! :D