Say goodbye to your winter motivation dip!

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“Summer bodies are made in the winter”. Yeah, I know, but who feels like going to the gym when it’s freezing and maybe even snowing? Well, I sure as hell don’t! Winter just isn’t my favourite time of the year: it gets dark super early and most of the time it’s cold and rainy. Not very motivating, right? I've got the solution to get you out of the winter motivation dip.

And although I can really enjoy spending my winter evenings on the couch with some tea and chocolate, it just doesn’t do much for my health and especially not for my shape. Luckily, all I wear during this season is sweaters and hoodies, so nobody will see the result of my winter motivation dip. But I do know that in about 5 months it’s June again! 5 Months! So there’s really no time to be a couch potato ;)

I know I’m probably not the only one struggling to go for my workouts during those cold and rainy days. Whether you’re super busy with your studies, work, and/or have young kids at home, that one hour workout sometimes just doesn’t fit in your schedule and the weather isn’t helping much either.

Goodbye winter motivation dip

In this case, home workouts are the best solution I think. There are loads of different workouts you can do at home without the need of any equipment. But sometimes you just want to go wild on a cardio machine ;) The only problem with that is that it’s quite expensive to buy such a machine, and you’re likely to want to switch between machines. Well, good news for you: HireFitness provides you the solution for your winter motivation dip. It gives you the possibility to do your workouts at home with hired fitness equipment. Yay, so now you can just go totally wild on the cross trainer, rowing machine, treadmill or whatever cardio machine you prefer, without taking one step out of your front door. They will deliver it and install it in the room you prefer. Next to that, you can hire it for only 4 weeks if that’s what works for you, and you can swap it for any other item as soon as you get bored with the one you’ve got at home. Now you don’t have to get your raincoat on and get your ass to the gym: you can just stay at home and do your workouts no matter the weather or how busy you are!

So, no more excuses for skipping your workout now ;) There are plenty more benefits to hiring your fitness equipment instead of pushing yourself to go to the gym every time, and you can find them all at the website of HireFitness. And we got you a little something ;) if you use 'FITGIRLCODE' at your checkout then you will get the first 2 weeks for free on a hire or 12 weeks (or longer)! HireFitness only operates in the UK and Ireland for now, so this one is for our dear UK readers! <3