Midweek motivation tips: don't panic when you start to slack

Fit & Training door laura FG

It all starts at the beginning of the new year. On the first of January we promise ourselves to eat better and train harder. We sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. But in case you need some midweek motivation if you are starting to slack, don't panic! Just keep trying!

There will be times you just want to eat chocolate, cookies and A LOT of potato chips. And there will come a day, you just despise the gym. When you do, try not to give in. But if it's still too hard, don't feel bad about yourself or throw in the towel. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! At #FITGIRLCODE, we're not experts on healthy living, and it's not like we NEVER cheat or are always super happy to go to the gym. We know how it feels! So we wanted to give you some midweek motivation and came up with some tips:

  • Talk to your friends about it. Every woman can relate to those difficult moments when you just wanna eat EVERYTHING. Talking about it helps.
  •  Do not go shopping when you're hungry! I've done it too many times and I always come home with the wrong set of friends…Ben & Jerry. And although they're my friends in time of need, they're not my FIT friends!
  • Always keep dark chocolate stashed in your cupboard. A piece of it may silence the screaming cravings you're having.
  • Do you have a friend that is ALWAYS working out? If you can't find the motivation to go to the gym, ask her to drag you to the gym. If someone is waiting for you, you'll probably think twice about skipping.
  • Allow yourself a cheat day. If you're eating healthy, it's OK to eat something you really want. As long as you're not obsessed by it. Being obsessed is never good!
  • Have a healthy snack around that is really tasty, but doesn't have all that sugar and calories. I can say I'm pretty obsessed with rice crackers, healthy peanut butter and banana…wait, did I say obsessed?
  • Do you find it handy to have a schedule that shows you how many times to exercise? Try this daily planking schedule. And you don't have to start on the first of the month, start today!

And last, but certainly not least: DON'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF! We can't emphasize it enough. Every day is a brand new day for you to work that ass off in the gym and eat super healthy. Do NOT let one day of slacking bring you down. And remember: you're still awesome!