Meet Tiziana, the newest Fit Girl

Fit & Training door thijs

I met Christel and Aranka in front of my apartment. They were busy making pictures with those killer abs of theirs and I immediately wanted to know how to get those abs! I did not know about #FITGIRLCODE yet and was amazed about this huge international platform I could relate to. So here I am. My name is Tiziana, half French/half Dutch, 23 years old, almost graduated from  Theatre school and just became a Fit Girl for #FITGIRLCODE!

Meet Tiziana, the newest Fit Girl

As a kid I spend my time in front of the tv watching cartoons, anime and playing Playstation games (Final Fantasy yeah!!).That was only one side of me. The other side danced, got belts in Taekwondo and skied off mountains. I always wanted to be a dancer and a singer, the one with the big booty. Being a bit “fuller” gave me a lot of confidence but also insecurities. It has been a big journey for me from being overweight, getting to normal; going to underweight and going to the normal weight I have now. You never stop discovering and improving your lifestyle until you feel comfortable in heart and body. One of the things that have helped me are Miyogi's. Yogurt breakfast full of fruits, nuts, seeds and other superfoods :D

In August I will be graduating as an actress. Acting is my passion! Being in front and behind the camera are my biggest dreams. My favourite movie all time is Kill Bill 1. This because of the combinations of the kick-ass female fighters like Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, Quentin’s amazing feeling for dialogue, detail and taste of style and of course the fact that it has a fantastic combo of east meeting west, especially the anime scene! Because of my passion for Japan, that started with cartoons, martial arts, anime, playstation games, Harajuku clothing and off course sushi, I lived in Tokyo for three months when I was 18 and I loved it!



So that's a little something about me. I love to discover things and am always curious how everybody stays fit and beautiful in their own way. Sharing stories and experiences on #FITGIRLCODE makes me very happy and I feel blessed to have found such big platform for all Fit Girls worldwide , together with this amazing team full of talented chicks that all kick ass like Uma ;)