Must-have kitchen gadgets that every Fit Girl needs

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Healthy food is very important when you're on your way to fully living a healthy lifestyle. And spending some time in the kitchen to prepare yummy snacks is a big part of that lifestyle. Today I will share the ultimate must have kitchen gadgets every Fit Girl needs. This will make cooking even more fun!


Smoothies are perfect either for breakfast or for a snack. A smoothie maker is the ultimate must-have for everyone who loves some fruity goodness. I always use this handy blender which comes with a big cup. This mean you even have less washing-up to do. Add your quark, fruit and oats then mix it for a couple of seconds, et voila. Your smoothie is done! You can't go wrong with a breakfast this simple.

Kitchen machine

A kitchen machine is great for cutting, grating and whipping food. It will come in handy at any time a day. It can easily help you make anything from salads to cakes and even more. A kitchen machine is a great investment when you're planning on spending more time in the kitchen!



love the Spirelli. A while ago I even wrote an article about this gadget in which I shared easy recipes to try with it. You can find spiralizers online in all shapes and sizes but this one by GEFU is my fave. With the help of this handy spiralizer you will prepare the most delicious low-carb recipes in no-time. Yum! 

Waffle iron

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you will probably love waffles for breakfast. A while ago we shared this recipe for healthy spelt waffles, (if you haven't checked it out yet, I urge you to now). When you use the right recipe waffles can be very healthy, nutritious and versatile. You can top them off with a splash of quark and some fresh fruit. That's why you definitely need a waffle iron in your Fit Girl kitchen!


A tool which I can use for making juices is definitely high on my kitchen gadget wishlist. I would love to start off the day with freshly juiced drinks. A juicer is also easy to use in combination with veggies. With a juicer you can get in your daily dose of vitamins during breakfast. Yum, a freshly pressed juice made with spinach, orange and lemons. I can already picture it. Delicious!


Steaming is hot! (get it?) When you prepare your food with a steamer there are no fats added and you will maintain all the vitamins. Steaming is one of the healthiest way to prepare your veggies, fish and/or meat. The anti-oxidants will also be saved when you steam your food. You can even collect the liquid that comes from the damp and use it for stock to add some extra flavour to other dishes. This way nothing will be lost.

So which one of these must-have kitchen gadgets are high on your wishlist? :)


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