The summer is almost starting! It’s time to go on holiday and take the shorts and dresses out of the closet. In order to give my legs and butt an extra boost in the right direction, I often do these leg and butt exercises at home. I found out a few of these exercises through Fajah Lourens’s workout “XL Butts and Legs” during the Healthy Fest sports festival. The following days I had so much muscle pain that I thought to myself: I should try this at home! And who am I not to share my formula for strong legs and a round butt? 

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Donkey kicks

Put a yoga mat on the ground and sit on your knees. You can also do it without a yogamat, but that’s not that comfortable! Push one leg back and forth (make sure to kick your leg upwards and not to the ground). Try to do it a total of 40 times per leg. Let that booty burn!


Abductor knee raises

This is the same starting position as the donkey kicks. Now, instead of pushing your leg back, lift it sideways. Also try to do this exercise 40 times per leg.


The bridge

This is one of my favorite exercises! Just lie on your back and push your butt into the air, causing your back to line up with your thighs. Only try to touch the ground with your feet, shoulders and of course your head. Repeat this exercise about 30 times.


The bridge + leg raises

This is a more challenging version of “the bridge”. The basis of the exercise is the same, just bring one leg into the air. Do the exercise 30 times per leg. Switch leg after every ten leg raises.


Jumping squats

Adding that little extra to your normal squats! I’ve done this exercise thousands of times with Insanity (a workout video). I, myself, try to do the movement as often as I can for 1 minute. Then I take a break. I try to do as many squats as possible in three rounds. Do you not want to work with a timer? Then do a total of 30 jumping squats.


Lunges with kick

Do a normal lunge but end it with a front kick, it’s that simple. Make sure to bend your knees at a 90 degrees angle when doing the lunges. Repeat the exercise 30 times per leg.


After doing these leg and butt workouts you’ll have muscle ache tomorrow and maybe even the day after, guaranteed! Especially in your butt! Do you often train your legs and butt? Which exercises do you like most?

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