No gym? No problem!? Quick tip: paper plates

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If you have been looking for ideas on how to spice up your workout routine, search no more. In the category No Gym? No Problem!? I am sharing a quick tip I have come across, to help you with working out using  stuff that can be found lying around the house. First up are paper plates.

Sliders and mountain climbers

If you are a fan of mountain climbers or even if you detest them, you saw this one coming. Paper plates are the ultimate tool to add some fuel to this exercise and make it even more challenging.

Just pop two paper plates under your feet and use them as sliders while performing your regular mountain climbers or a variation. You will notice that the paper plates will allow you to go faster but also make you more aware of keeping your balance.

Working on those arms and abs

You can also place your hand on the paper plates instead as you stand in pushup position and train your arms and abs at the same time, while sliding your arms forward and back to the starting position.

Chal- LUNGE- yourself
Looking of a challenge? Pop two plates under your feet and stand up straight. Lunge back with the foot that is supported by the plate, lunge sideways and come back to the middle.

Make sure you NEVER step out to far while you first start this move as you can easily injure yourself when you are not fully warmed up. Also make sure that whenever you do a routine using paper plates you work out on a slippery
surface such as a wooden floor.

This particular workout and more exercises have been brought to my attention again by SHAPE MAGAZINE, a magazine that has to be a staple in every FIT GIRL'S book if you ask me :-)