What I think of oil pulling

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In June I wrote an article about oil pulling, what it is, how it's done and what the benefits are. I then decided to give it a try for a month and share my findings and results with you. Me and my big mouth...

Week one, day one

So I just "oil pulled" today for the first time and I'm not gonna lie...It was f*king horrible! I almost puked 4 times. And I have to do it for 29 more days! FML!  BUT I promised you guys I would do it, so I'm just gonna suck it up and keep doing it. I think it will get easier ( at least I hope so).

I bought the solid coconut oil and didn't warm it up first to make it liquid, which now I know I should have done. I have a sensitive stomach and I dry heave easily,  so I knew that was gonna happpen when I put the solid coconut oil in my mouth. I literally stood there for a full minute looking at the spoon, screaming do it, do it in my head. So I did! When it was in my mouth and tried to chew it, I almost puked, and I spat out half of the stuff. There wasn't a lot to pull with...

Week two, day three
The past days I've been warming the oil by letting the jar sit in the sink with hot water so it melts. This makes it a little bit easier to keep it in my mouth. I still can't get used to it, although I'm glad I don't dry heave anymore. Twenty minutes have never seemed so long. I keep swishing and swishing and with every swish, I get more bored.

Week 3, day 2
WHY. WHY. WHY. Why did I said I was gonna do this for a month?!

Week 3, day 5
That's it. I'm done. F*ck this. I'm not gonna do this anymore. I'm sorry guys! I said I was gonna do it for a month, but it's just too much of a hassle for me.

The benefits
Okay, so there must be SOMETHING good about oil pulling, you might ask? Yes, there actually is. The good thing is, you really take your time in doing things when oil pulling. I showered more relaxed and really took my time lathering and rinsing and applying body lotion. You want to kill time so you'll do everything more relaxed. I'm normally always rushing in the morning and now I wasn't, it felt pretty good.

Luckily I have never had trouble falling asleep of have any headaches so I can't say that has improved. I did notice a funny side effect though, I had to blow my nose more often, I guess my sinuses were reacting. Also, when I ran my tong over my teeth it really felt more smooth.

Keep in mind
Now, please don't get discouraged by my experiences! A friend of mine tried it and she loved it. So if you are gonna do it, get your coconut oil, and here are some things to keep in mind:.


- After spitting it out, wash your mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth.

- Don't worry about the dry heaving thing, that's just 'cause I got a really sensitive stomach.

- Put the jar in the sink with hot water to melt it.


So that's about it. If you are gonna try it, please let me know how it turned out for you! (I'm guessing a whole lot better than for me)