Oopsie Bread

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Oopsie? Sounds like a mistake. A genius one it is! Browsing through the web looking for alternatives for bread I found this recipe. A funny little experiment

Oopsie bread sounds like bread and looks like bread. This goofy, low-carb, high-protein creation is made out of eggs, cream cheese (french curd) and a pinch of salt only. This is a weird alternative for using bread. I tried to make it and it was a bit of a disaster because I did not had the correct kitchen gear and I used pineapple cream cheese instead of the natural one.

Challenge. One evening I had to go away for work and I left my boyfriend a note saying “Welcome home sweety, up for a challenge? Turn the note: Make Oopsie bread". I got home at 11 in the evening and he was all worked up telling me that it took him multiple attempts to make it too but he did it. And it was fantastically well done. Instead of cream cheese he used french curd and it actually tasted even better then the ones I've made. The next day I made a delicious smoked chicken sandwich. It tasted awesome!

Oopsie bread

-       3 eggs

-       100 gr french curd or 125 gr of cream cheese

-       optional (1 tbl spoon of spelt flour)

-       Pinch of salt


How to make Oopsie bread?

First start the oven to heat up until a 160 degrees. Separate the egg yolks from the egg white. Whip the egg white until it is a stiff substance and while doing this you can add a pinch of salt. Now you take the French curd or cream cheese an add it to the egg yolks. Mix these two together until it is equally done. So you have the two mixes. Add the egg yolk mix slowly to the whiped egg whites. Try to keep the substance airy fluffy. When ready place the mix in the portions you want. I personally like to make 6 to 8 oopsie's out of it. Put it in the heated oven for 25 minutes and wait till they have a beautiful golden brown glaze.

You can use these as buns to make a BLT or a Hamburger. I've been experimenting and it is delicous to add the following herbs:

-Herb de Provence


-Garclic and small pieces of unions

-Or a flavoured cream cheese (like i tried pineapple :D ).