Paying it forward

Fit & Training door thijs

#FITGIRLCODE is all about sharing and paying it forward to all Fit Girls around the world. This is what makes me happy. We all need to look out for each other. I see so many parent give their children bad food, kids staying at home to play on the computer...Obesity is a worldwide problem amongst children and we want our children to have a long and happy life. I don't have children but if there are children around me I notice that i'm always looking out for their health and well being. Children are the future after all.

In Holland there are two foundations, JOGG and Kidsvitaal. They started a campaign called "Gratis bewegen", which means "move for free". I love the concept because it's all about moving your butt and to go play outside (what we should all do too haha). For this campaign they made a commercial and I was very lucky to participate in it. According to JOGG we have over 15%  of kids in the Netherland between 2-25 that are overweight. JOGG is trying to fight that by organising sportive activities all-trough the country

On set I spoke Esther Langerhorst, board leader of the foundations Stichting Kidsvitaal and mother of 2. She told me her concerns for children today and how they are tricked into obesity. "I dont trust the food industry anymore, they add so much sugar and bad foods to healthy looking snacks, it frightens me". We all know that one can of coke contains 7 cubes of sugar but you may not always realise it. Can you imagine what it does toe a 10 year old to have two sodas (14 cubes of sugar)? They say ADHD is a sickness... it's not very surprising if you stack your kids with so much sugar. I am so happy to be part of such a beautiful campaign and I want to look out for my kids in the future as well. (You can check out the video here).

Esther also said "I want my children to find veggies attractive as a snack" Off course kids will be kids, but it can never hurt to always make the best choices because you as an older one make it for them. Try to make healthy food and movement more fun!! Here's a example for Halloween to make snacks healthy and fun for kids :D

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