Hey kiddo’s, move over for some Fit Girls :).  If you think that playgrounds are fun for kids only, you’re wrong big time! Yes, I do have a little monkey so the playground is one of my weekly places to be but it also inspires me for new Bootcamp exercises. So if you have a playground nearby, are you anti-gym or do you just wanna have fun outside? Play the playground. Check out some of my favorites.

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1. Dip & slide

Getting stronger by using a slide? Yes, I’m for real. Dip it or do some tricep pushups like I do. Be sure no one is sliding down when you pushup ;-).

Play that playground7a Play that playground8a

2. Bench attack

Almost every playground has a bench. And no, you ain’t gonna sit on it. You are gonna attack it. Like a crazy Fit Girl. Jump up, make a deep squat and do it over and over again. Perhaps we should call it an ass attack

Play that playground5

This is the perfect bench for your workout at home!

3. Monkey proof

What a burpee is to most Fit Girls is the monkey bar are to me. Horrible with a capital H. During my first official monkeybar session at the Urbanathlon I failed bigtime. So everytime I see one now I try at least once if I can manage these bars. And YES! I nailed this one. Look at my big smile. Gimme a banana!


4. Push the limit

You can do a push-up or a plank anywhere. But if you find a spot to challenge yourself by standing in another angle, seize that moment. I’m sure you’ll find one. Push-down, push-up, plank it or bring your knees to your elbows to activate your abs.

Play that playground7 Play that playground8

5. Lift your legs up

Is it a leg exercise or what? Actually it’s an excersise for your abs. And oh, you feel your arms and legs too. So be strong and swing your legs from the back to the front and squeeze all those abs together.

Play that playground2 Play that playground

6. Pull is cool

Underhand grip or not (like I do) pulling the bar is heavy anyway. You see me laughing? But hey, if I want to be a strong chick I have to work like a strong chick. Fun factor? No. (unless you do 10 without complaining) Muscle factor? Yes.

Play that playground3

Kids or no kids, next time you see a playground you see countless new opportunities of getting yourself fit and strong. Let’s play!

High five!

Marloes and ‘monkey’ Robin


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