Reebok Cardio Ultra: for every way the sweat flies

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A brand new year started! Was your new years resolution to become fitter in 2015? Way to go girl! You made the first step in the right direction. Whenever you start your fit journey you should pick a sport that suits your personality. Do you like running, circuit training, weight lifting or are you more a Zumba kind of person? If you pick something you really like, instead of forcing something on yourself that might be a hype at the moment or your other Fit Friends are really into, you are much more likely to achieve your goals. 

Maybe you don’t want to stick to just one type of training and you prefer to mix it all up. Going to the gym regularly can be really challenging sometimes and the last thing you want is to get bored. If you do different kinds of workouts you should actually have different kinds of shoes. Every sneaker supports your feet in a different kind of way, but it’s pretty expensive to buy three pairs of shoes and also annoying to drag them to the gym all the time.

Reebok Cardio Ultra: for every way the sweat flies
Fortunately Reebok invented a shoe for women who like variety in their training. No need to buy three pair of different shoes when you got this pair. Where running shoes focus on a forward motion and fitness shoes often have no support for rotating movements, the Reebok Ultra Cardio shoe is prepared for movement in all directions thanks to the following technologies:

  • Trifoam: The damping material on the outside of the forefoot absorbs the impact of each movement and provides rebound you need between moves.
  • Adapt Move: The shoe is made of flexiblematerial that forms perfectly around your feet and ensures optimum multidirectional support.
  • Turn zone: a technology in the sole which ensures that the foot can freely move 360 degrees

Of course I tried out the shoes myself. Personally, I’m a big fan of circuit training. This type of training offers a variety of exercises in all aspects of fitness, like HIIT, weight lifting and bootcamp. I noticed before that my running shoes did not give me great support during my workouts, but I didn’t really feel like buying an extra pair either. I was really curious when I could try the Reebok Cardio Ultra shoes because this shoe promises to support you in all types of fitness. Sounds like the perfect sneaker for my training!

Something that really annoyed me during my workouts before was that I slipped during my exercises. These shoes offer way better grip than running shoes for me to execute my exercises better. Also, circuit training includes a lot of jumping, like boxjumps, jumping jacks, rope jumping etc. During these kinds of exercises they gave me great support and rebound. Turning around quickly like when you do Suicide Laps also went really well. Since circuit training incorporates all kind of fitness aspects it’s a great all round shoe if you like to mix it up in the gym, so these babies will travel with me on my way to any work out!

Do you want to spoil yourself with a great pair of these awesome shoes? They are exclusively available at Intersport. Go get them!

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