Ridiculously annoying situations while running

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Pulling yourself together to get up and do that run. Ignore the little voice in your mind saying "Stop it, you can't do this anymoooorre". There are a lot of annoying things that can interrupt or stop you from running. So how do we deal with ridiculously annoying situations while running? :D

The sun is blocking my view
Wear a cap. Preferably one that matches your outfit of course. This is also helps a lot when it's raining. The cap will protect you from the rain blocking your sight.

I need to pee!!
Come on.... You're a Fit Girl. Find a bush and squat!!  I once ran 10k and drank too much water. I had to jump in the bushes 4 times!! BWUAHAHAHA #runningflowfail". You can put some toilet paper in your pocket or mobile phone holder if you have one. Think "survival camp". Ok you have to interrupt your run, but at least you're squatting! It's faster than trying to find a toilet.

My laces are coming loose all the time!!
Simple. Do some double knots. If that really doesnt not work you might want to buy some new laces or try a new lacing technique. I found a huge list of techniques on Ian's shoelace site.


My face is so sweaty I can't see anything!!
Another excuse to add a cool accessory to your running gear: wristband! It's way more practical than a big ass towel, you can use it as a cute fashionable item and you can wipe of your sweat without stopping your run. I am curious about your ridiculously annoying situations while running. Please comment below :D