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Hi girls! Today I give you an update on my fit journey. Because I have made quite a turnaround! The most important change? I am 100% done with doing exercises to achieve a certain look. You know, like doing this exercise for your bottom and that for your shoulders. Now, I only do functional training in the form of CrossFit. It's been such a refreshing change! Today, I share (on your request via my Instagram) my experience. How did I do  this and why?


In April I wrote an article about my mission to get a six pack. Getting a six pack is not so complicated: you just need to grow muscle mass in your abdomen, while not overeating. For a long time. A very long time, haha! It was not possible to me to grow a 'real six pack', for two reasons. First, I am not vain enough, I think. And secondly, I like really like good food and drinks. In short, I didn't feel like it was a priority to give any of this up.

After this six-pack mission, I felt I was in limbo. I didn't feel like working up a sweat four times a week just for looks. In short, the motivation to really bust a move at the gym was hard to find.


Luckily there was my dear friend, Fit Girl Anna, who dragged me to Sixforty Crossfit Wildhearts. A gym where there are no mirrors and everyone goes hard: running, rowing, and carrying heavy weights. I had finished my membership with my 'standard' gym, and decided to enrol. Why not!

In this movie, it explains what the "idea" of CrossFit is!


Honestly, it took getting used to. I tried every workout and completely analysed them, keepig track of which muscles I had trained. With CrossFit, that's not necessary! Because every workout is a full body workout! Also, my condition wasn't as good as I thought and I frequently stood puffing after training. Crikey hey, this was really different. What a challenge! I was hooked immediately.


And then came the revelation. I realized that the people here were not at all concerned with developing more definition in their triceps. Also, no one did hip thrusts for a rounder butt. Those kind of "trivialities" were not important. Therefore, there was no need for a single mirror on the walls. The ultimate goal of CrossFit is to get fit all round. So: better, faster, stronger. The best version of yourself. The point is that you train your body optimally for ALL functions. Jumping, lifting, pulling, running, pushing. Functions that you use outside of the gym.


Well you may think, "Roos, I believe nothing of it. You still want to still have a lean body don't you?" Yes this is true! But the difference is, I'm not thinking about that while I'm training. I am totally focussed on the workout. I do not think, "hmm, would my delts grow with this exercise?" And that, precisely that, is a relief.

I can enjoy the training itself so much more. The loud music. The sweat. The struggle to finish the kettlebell swings as quickly as possible. Breaking your own time records. Or competing in a game against someone. There is so much laughter and chatting. People talk more with each other. To me, all of those things are much more valuable!

At the moment I really enjoy my sporting progress! Each workout is a feast! Better than that, I can't even explain it!

Do you do functional training yourself? Why or why not? Let me know! X @fitgirlroos

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